Nomads Organic Jersey Skirt - Indigo

£48.00 £29.00
* Fair Trade
* Organic Cotton Jersey
* Available in 2 Colours

New pebble Jersey Skirt in organic cotton. A-line and below the knee, this skirt has a comfy elastic waistband at the back and a flattering flat front with large slouch pockets.

Wear with organic plain tops, knitwear and leggings for a breezy look.

Care Instructions
Machine washable on a very gentle wool cycle; save energy, wash at 30 degrees and please do not tumble dry!
Available in sizes 8-18
Organic cotton is softer, more breathable and much less likely to trigger allergies and eczema since there are no harmful chemicals against your skin, compared to regular cotton. No poisonous pesticides are used in the growing of organic cotton, so farmers can work in a much healthier environment and receive a better price for their crop. Organic cotton uses much less water than is used to grow conventional or GM cotton, often using only rainfall to grow the plants. Hurrah for organic cotton!
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