Hand Block Printed Appliqued Rug

CODE : RG086
* Fair Trade
* Hand Block Printed
* Stone Washed
* Assorted Applique Recycled Fabrics

Handmade and hand printed with so much detail, this wonderful rug is unique and beautiful. Hand block printed over a stone washed cotton and random pieces of fabric spaced out - often these are pieces of old cant fabric, or old denim or jute.

Individually tailored, each one is a true artisan piece, in fact a masterpiece! It has a rag rug feel, but with a more contemporary twist so you can minimise or maximise your desired look!

Add reclaimed wooden furniture or cram into a vibrant and clashing room with multiple cushions, throws, patterns and vintage paraphernalia.

We love this fab rug!
120 x 180 cm
The company uses many traditional techniques such as hand block printing, hand screen printing, hand quilting, hand embroidery, bead and applique work. As a company, they are proud of their quality and design uniqueness. Each rug features a beautiful traditional block print design. The combination of appliqued fabric with faded black print make these pieces perfect for any home. The incredible art of block printing dates back to the 12th century and aren't we so lucky that this tradition has been kept alive. The skills are passed down from generations and the designs specifically relate to various times and places. Hand blocks are hand carved by highly skilled artisans, and one meter of fabric might be stamped by hand more than 3,000 times to create a really intricate pattern. It's just amazing.....
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