Old Tribal Embroidered Cushion

CODE : CC602
* Fair Trade
* Hand Embroidered
* Each one is Unique
* Complete with Feather Inner

These sumptuous embroidered cushions are made from vintage tribal fabric that is collected from rural villages in the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat, India. Some fabric sections used to be wedding dresses!

These are truly amazing cushions!
60 x 30 cm
We love old tribal fabrics - these cushions are wonderful examples of old embroidery from India, some pieces have been collected from old wedding dresses, cut up and used as sections to make each cushion totally unique. This organisation in India employ men and women, both in a factory and piece work in their own homes. The employees are provided with Provident Fund insurance and a medical facility. Traditional techniques are employed during the manufacturing process, as well as recycled saris and fabric panels. In the local community this company supports education for children in poverty and distribution of blankets and domestic home wares to poor families. They also hold a blood donor programme! But there's more! This group have two wind power plants to support their environmental measures.
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