Recycled Crayons Coaster

CODE : ASP1626
* Fair Trade
* Recycled
* Each one is Unique

A brilliant way to use up crayons. Our supplier travels to a factory near Delhi for broken and factory reject pencil crayons.

Bright and fun, each one is unique but all are wonderfully quirky.
This is from a cool fair trade company, Aspiration in Delhi, India. Aspiration believe in sincere work for the welfare of artisans and families by promoting and developing cottage industries, improving economic and social welfare and providing fair wages. They organise groups of artisans and help bring them up from poverty to being able to stand on their own. Part of the principles of fair trade is to preserve or revive traditional skills - which Aspiration love to do by providing designs that help merge East and West. Aspiration do other cool things like promoting tree planting within the artisan communities, they even ask their producers to adopt at least two trees a year and look after their growth like their children! Nice.
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