Olive Branch Hemp Shirt

CODE : MST2954
* 55% Hemp
* 45% Organic Cotton Jersey

Constantly inspired by nature our new season print features a leaf motif in soft and painterly greens. This hemp shirt is perfect for easy wearing and unique, casual dressing.

Care Instructions
Machine washable; save energy, wash at 30 degrees and please do not tumble dry!
S: Chest 106 cm, Waist 105 cm, M: Chest 112 cm, Waist 111 cm, L: Chest 118 cm, Waist 117 cm, XL: Chest 124 cm, Waist 123 cm XXL: Chest 130 cm, Waist 129 cm
We just love hemp fibre, especially this mix of 55/45 (with organic cotton). Hemp fibre comes from the cannabis sativa plant which grows densely and swiftly in poor soil to a height of 4 meters giving a yield 3 to 4 times more than most substitutes (like cotton) AND without the need of agro-chemicals. The plants do this by capturing very high levels of carbon dioxide. It is also the most useful plant on the planet (it has so many uses). Cotton on the other hand is the most pesticide dependent crop in the world. Every T-shirt uses a quarter-pounders worth of toxic chemicals. Our organic cotton uses none - it's better for the land, the water and the people...
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