Nila Rubia Nellore Merino Coat

* By Nila Rubia
* Traditional Jacquard Weave
* 100% Merino Wool

This majestic Nellore Coat in 100% woven merino derives its name from a city that sits on the edge of the Bay of Bengal. Rich in culture and myth just as this coat. A wonderful piece... and the culmination of highly skilled artisans.

Woven on a traditional Jacquard loom.

Two sizes: S/M(size 10-14) and L/XL (size 16-20).

Washing: Dry Clean Only
Two sizes: S/M(size 10-14) and L/XL (size 16-20)
Nila Rubia creates beautiful artisan clothing for those who love individuality and practicality! She works with a small team of artisans in Jaipur, Rajasthan where she lives for part of the year with her husband and daughter. Her dedication in supporting small cottage industries and traditional artisan techniques is why we buy from her (and because we love her too!)
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