Chagall Cardi - Dark Purple

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* Fair Trade
* Hand Made
* Hand Painted Yarn

Luxuriant in feel and wearability, this unique wrap is designed to be worn effortlessly - in any situation. Fabulous hand painted alpaca, this wrap is delightfully lightweight and a joy to wear.

Hand painted yarn in 68% alpaca 32% wool.

Made in Lima, Peru, by Javia and the team of skillful artisans.

Handwash or Dry clean
Use cool water 85F or 27C and a mild soap or even a human hair shampoo,
Woolite is not recommended.
When washing try not to pull the garment too much, or rub in one area too much. Remove any excess water carefully and avoid any wringing or twisting. When drying try and get it into as flat a position as possible, and try and get the garment into the original shape as much as possible. By hand carefully remove any wrinkles and straighten seams and facings (don't even think about using a brush!).
S/M Bust 86cm Lgth 75cm M/L Bust 89cm Lgth 78cm
Produced for the gorgeous Amano brand in South America. Attention to detail and artisan skilled production combines with fair ethical trading and distinctive design....we have been a proud stockist for more than 10 years and our customers never tire of this wonderful range.
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