Kajol Pants by Nila Rubia

* Fair Trade
* Hand Made
* Natural Indigo Dye
* Hand Block Print

This indigo block print is exotically rich.

Funky pants with a feminine twist, the waistband detail is a labour of love, the abundance of fabric creates the feeling of floating.

Kajol is a beautiful famous Indian actress and an inspiration for these amazing pants.

Please note that the indigo dye is very strong on these pants and will require several washes (3 - 4) before wearing. DO NOT wear without washing, especially co-ordinated with white!
S/M is 8-12 and L/XL is 14-18
Nila Rubia creates beautiful artisan clothing for those who love individuality and practicality! She works with a small team of artisans in Jaipur, Rajasthan where she lives for part of the year with her husband and daughter. Her dedication in supporting small cottage industries and traditional artisan techniques is why we buy from her (and because we love her too!)
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