Zotter Labooko Bolivia 90

* Fairtrade
* Organic
* 85 - 99% Cocoa Content
* Gluten Free
* Vegan

Here?s one for lovers of intense dark chocolate!

This 90% chocolate contains less than 10% sugar and as about as intense as they come. With a smooth, but slightly drying texture, this is not a chocolate for everyone, but if you?re looking to experience the extreme dark side of chocolate, we think this bar will fit the bill!
Josef Zotter is one of the long-established heroes of the craft chocolate movement. He has been producing chocolate since 1992, became famous for his wacky flavour combinations (scarlet runner bean and coriander pastry, anyone?), and was one of the earliest to produce 100% Organic and Fairtrade products. He has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of his growers around the world, engaging in numerous initiatives in Latin America, Africa, and Southeast Asia. We have loved this chocolate for a very long time. In fact we have consistently been the island's stockist for almost 20 years.
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