Tribal Shaggy Rug

CODE : RG148
* Fair Trade
* Handwoven
* Geometric pattern
* Rich earthy colours

The beautiful textural combination of tufting and weaving creates this utterly gorgeous rug.

The rich tones and shaggy texture create a handwoven rug that is modern in design, yet traditional in technique.

Combine with any number of rich and diverse cushions to create a sumptuous boho home. We love....
115 x 175 cm
This textiles supplier is based in Panipat, India and employs fifty factory workers. They use traditional techniques of weaving, handed down through the generations of a handful of families. The team comprises of weavers, instructors, washers/dryers and packers, plus five sub-contractors for the dyeing of the materials. All employees are provided with insurance and provident fund pensions. They support an NGO called Sri Sanatam Dharm Sangthan who distribute free meals to the poor community. They celebrate all festivals with free food for their workers and are currently installing solar panels to generate electricity. They endeavour to make a happy and safe work place for all of their employees who they treat like extended family.
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