Beechwood Scrubbing Brush

CODE : RD-302632
* Natural + Vegan
* Made in Germany
* Union Fibre
* Untreated Beechwood

A deep cleaning brush which gets much of it's glory from 'union fibres', made from palm fibres.

Super hard wearing, this traditional style brush is great for floors, skirting boards, bathrooms, or anywhere which benefits from a little elbow grease!
Size: 12 cm
Palmyra fibre comes from the leaf ribs of palmyra palms which are found in India and Sri Lanka. The core from the stem of this palm provides the starch-containing foodstuff, sago. Palmyra fibre is, like all plant fibres, water-resistant and is used mainly for street-sweeping brooms. However, it is usually blended with other plant fibres to make union fibre, a mixture which is used above all for vegetable scrubbing brushes, mops, and scrubbers because of its hardness and resilience.
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