Engel Hooded Merino Fleece Snugglesuit

CODE : 575722-2
* 100% Organic Merino Wool
* GOTS Certified
* Naturally Resistant to Water and Dirt!
* Breathable and Natural Temperature-Regulating
* Wooden Buttons
* Sizing is Extremely Generous, well actually HUGE! (this size is 73cm from the shoulder to the bottom of the leg!)

This soft hooded snuggle suit from Engel organic baby wear will keep your little one warm this winter - in a sling, in a pram, or toddling about.

We love the fold over cuffs at the ankles and wrists so it can grow with your baby through the seasons. Pass down to friends and relatives as this is a built to last baby friend that you will love for generations to come.

Engel's Merino is very soft and care must be taken when washing. You can wash on a roll cycle in the machine - if you have a decent machine - but Engel recommends hand washing (as follows):
Dilute your wool detergent in cool water, max 30 degrees (lukewarm). Add to the bowl, gently squeezing the detergent through. Rinse using water at the same temperature, otherwise your wool will be subjected to "shock" and might felt up.
Do not wring, soak, brush or rub vigorously as the wool fibres may be damaged and mayt felt up a little and shrink. Just squeeze the water through. To dry, gently squeeze water out and wrap your wool clothes in a towel to remove the excess water. Air-dry naturally avoiding direct heat. Either lie flat or use a clothes horse or the back of a chair. Re-shape while still damp if needed.
The sizing is very generous indeed. 62/68 = 3 - 6 months at least, probably up to 1 year...really. 68/74 = 6 - 9 months at least, 74/80 = 9 - 12 months at least, 80/86 = 12 - 18 months at least, 86/92 = 18 - 24 months at least! We recommend going down at least one size...or going for the correct size and rolling the cuffs. We got 2 winters out of one suit - we made it last easily doing this as they are so versatile with the cuffs.
This is made in 100% organic fleeced Merino wool certified by IVN as BEST which meets and exceeds GOTS organic standards. Fleeced wool is soft and fluffy to the touch, but wears really well. It's warmer and more wind-proof than simply knitted wool and more flexible than boiled wool making it ideal for little ones. Merino wool is a kind of wool fibre that is very fine, soft and springy and is not itchy at all to most skins. The Merino sheep usually thrives in mountainous areas at high altitudes and its wool is naturally brilliant at keeping the body comfortable at a wide range of temperatures. All certified organic wool comes from sheep which have been farmed organically and with high animal welfare standards. None of our wool comes from farms which practise mulesing. Please note that under EU labelling regulations, stating the type of wool is not allowed, only a statement of "100% wool" or "new wool" is allowed. However, this garment is made from 100% organic Merino wool. Engel's organic Merino wool is certified to GOTS organic standards by IMO. These standards are so high that even oils that lubricate knitting machines have to be analysed. With Engel, you can be assured that their dyes are baby-safe, eco-safe and that all cotton threads and finishes are natural too. Wool (and thus Merino wool) has many benefits. Wool absorbs moisture into the centre of the fibre, so that it still feels dry on the outside. This is very healthy for your skin - your skin stays dry while the wool can absorb up to 33% of its own weight while still feeling dry. Wool "breathes", releasing its moisture out into the atmosphere. It does this dynamically in response to the environment, so if you or your child is active and sweating more, wool works harder for you. Wonderful. In this way, wool is a wonderful temperature-regulator, slowing down the effects of changes of temperature and helping prevent sweatiness by absorbing moisture and releasing it in response to the environment. This makes it a wonderful fabric for babies and the growing bodies of children as well as for athletes, cyclists, skiers and mountain-climbers. It's naturally high-tec and can't be beaten by synthetics! Wool is also naturally anti-bacterial, dirt-resistant and very stretchy, making wonderful clothes that are easy to put on and take off, excellent for dressing babies and children. The health benefits of wool are being revealed time and time again. For example, it's better for the health of premature babies if they are nursed on wool rather than cotton and it's better for the skin of hospital patients if they lie on wool rather than polyester. Wool helps sleep too. At least two studies show that people get a better night's sleep with wool around them - people go to sleep more quickly, sleep longer and have better quality sleep too.
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Size : 74-80 = up to 12 months
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