rCUP Black and Baby Pink 8oz

* 100% Leak Proof
* 360 Drinking (Like a Normal Cup)
* Insulated
* 100% Recyclable
* BPA Free
* Dishwasher Safe

The outer thermal layer of each rCup is made from used cups.

If 1 in 10 coffee drinkers switches from throw away cups, 50 million used cups could be recycled. Add to that the 50 billion disposable cups we won't be drinking from each year, and together we'll be making an incredible planet-saving difference.
8oz = 227ml
At ashortwalk, there is no such thing as waste, just opportunity. Opportunity to not just turn the unwanted into pioneering new products but to add value, create a demand and stimulate a market so waste then becomes wanted, needed and economic. From unwanted plastic plant pots, bottles and yoghurt pots to spent coffee and plastic found on beaches; they turn waste into fantastic and durable products for you to use and reuse, time and time again. Recycled coffee cups Big problems need big solutions. Every day in the UK, up to 8 million coffee cups are thrown away, with less than 1% of these cups thought to be recycled. The main challenge to date has been the plastic film lining the paper cups, which means they are rarely recyclable. But now working with partners Nextek and Simply Cups we are able to recycle and shred the whole coffee cup and using the strong cellulose fibres of the cup they can bond it with a special resin. This resin is mixed with recycled plastic to create a new material which can be manufactured into a range of new products, from pencils to tables and chairs. Cups are already being collected and processed and the company have started to manufacture new products made from cups for companies such as Pret a Manger and McDonalds.
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