Ijo Mango Wood Platter - Large

CODE : IP2502
* By Nkuku
* Sustainable Mango Wood
* Hand Made

These exceptionally stylish platters are handmade from mango wood. They are ideal for serving antipasti, light bites and cheeses. They look great displayed on a table and the useful hand holes make them easy to carry and store.
2.5 x 79 x 21cm
This producer group works with sustainable mango wood using traditional skills to carve and turn mango wood products. The Mango trees are initially grown for their fruit but once they have stopped producing they can be cut down and used to create wood products. The removal of the old trees makes space for farmers to plant new mango trees. This not only means that none of the wood is wasted but offers a supplementary income to mango wood farmers. Win/win!
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