Vintage Mixing Bowl - Transparent

* Fair Trade
* Made by Hand

These beautiful vintage mixing bowls would add a traditional touch to any classic kitchen. Generous in size, these bowls are perfect for mixing all the ingredients to a gorgeous homemade cake.

Each mixing bowl has been handcrafted, glazed and wood fired in South Africa by a small group of artisans.

Due to the hand made nature of these pieces and the reduction firing process, both glaze and body may alter in colour slightly depending on where they are positioned in the kiln. Irregularities in texture reflect the human touches received during the making process and these should be embraced.
D 28 cm
We have a soft spot for hand-made ceramics here at Shakti! Our supplier is a member of the British Association for Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers (BAFTS) and follow steps known as the '10 Fair Trade Principles' (See Shakti Man Ethical Trading Policy for more details).
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