Komodo Merino Cabin Socks

CODE : K3-SH-15
* By Komodo
* Hand Made
* 100% Merino

Available in 2 sizes - generally mens and womens.

Scrumptious merino cabin socks from Komodo in 100% chunky non-mulsed merino. Super soft and too many colours to choose from...

Komodo does not use man made substitues or blended yarns. Our wool yarns are certified from non-mulesd sources. Some of our wool garments are hand knitted and always hand finished, this means every piece can have minor variations, which we see as a sign of it's individuality.... not an imperfection!
Size 1 - Fit 5-8, Size 2 - Fit 8 - 11
Komodo have been trading fairly with factories in Nepal, China, Indonesia and Turkey for 30 years. Their designers visit regularly and work closely with the myriad of talented people who bring their ideas to life. The clothes they produce are high quality, easy fitting wardrobe essentials, that are sure to become firm favourites you will want to wear again and again and again... Along the way they have supported numerous environmental and social projects at home and in the countries where they manufacture. From sheltering London's homeless to building schools high in the Himalayas and reforestation programs on the side of volcanos. Komodo is GOTS certified, a partner brand of the ETHICAL FASHION FORUM and supports the FASHION REVOLUTION movement. Shakti Man is proud to be the Island's sole stockist of their beautiful ethical clothing.
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