Recycled Sari Kantha Scarves

* Fair Trade
* Recycled Sari
* Kantha Stitch
* Each One is Unique

These beautiful multicolour scarves are made from vibrant pieces of old sari fabric, stitched together in the traditional kantha technique. Each one is a patchwork of different colours, making them unique!
205 x 40 cm
We love pretty much anything embroidered with kantha stitch. Maybe it's from years in India - but there's something so enriching about hand kantha. In this case, the hand work is totally amazing. They have been sourced from a member of the British Association for Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers (BAFTS - see our ethical buying policy for more details). All one offs, but loveliness guaranteed...just contact us if you want specific colours or designs and we will try our best to match your needs.
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