Thought Blair Fair Isle Organic Jumper

CODE : WWT4970
* Ethically Produced by Thought
* 85% Organic Cotton
*15% Wool

This timeless jumper comes in Thought's luxurious, much loved organic cotton and wool blend, making it super soft and cosy. It features a classic fairisle design that you won't find anywhere else. Details like a high neck and dropped hem make this organic jumper even more comfortable. Wear it season after season for an extra layer of warmth.

Please note size of design may vary slightly depending on product size.

Care Instructions
Machine washable, low spin cycle please; save energy, wash at 30 degrees and please do not tumble dry!
This is a wonderful wearable natural fabric mix, 15% wool and 85% organic cotton. We just love organic cotton. Cotton is the most pesticide dependent crop in the world. Every T-shirt uses a quarter-pounders worth of toxic chemicals. Our supplier of this wonderful throw is a proud member of the Ethical Fashion Forum, who help companies follow sustainability and fair trade fashion practices.
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