Ruby Sun Dress by Nila Rubia - Summer

* By Nila Rubia
* Hand Block Printed
* 100% Cotton
* Artisan + Beautiful

Long floaty dress, with crinkled skirt and two great pockets.. generous fitting, dream like swing... and lots of laughter and smile with this one.

Designed in the UK and 100% hand block printed pure cotton made in Rajasthan for Nila Rubia.

Washing: Hand wash only. To keep the crinkle finish we recommend that you tightly twist the garment up and knot it, securing it with elastic bands when you wash and dry the item. Without doing this the crinkles will drop out.
S/M = 8 - 14 (really, honestly, we have tested it!), L/XL = 14 - 18.
The incredible art of block printing dates back to the 12th century and aren't we so lucky that this tradition has been kept alive. The skills are passed down from generations and the designs specifically relate to various times and places. Hand blocks are hand carved by highly skilled artisans, and one meter of fabric might be stamped by hand more than 3,000 times to create a really intricate pattern. It's just amazing..... At Shakti Man, we love creating a platform to support wonderful artisans for an east - west fusion. Hand block printed fabric is truly an inspiration to the senses. Come and see, touch and feel in our lovely shop (sorry, the full range is not online yet - they're much more beautiful in real life!)
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